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The Internet is an integral part of everyday life so it just makes sense for businesses and organizations to have a presence on it. What form that takes depends on the business. For some, a page on Facebook provides sufficient information and has many advantages.

However, most businesses benefit by having their own website address with a Facebook page to post current information and keep in touch with clients. When it comes to website design there are free options but they come with a cost. A ‘canned’ site that looks like hundreds of others and/or a learning curve that takes up your valuable time.

Designing websites requires both artistry and technical knowledge. The goal is to make information available in a manner that is both pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate. The behind-the-scenes expertise is attention to detail and knowing how to make a website search engine friendly; knowledge gained through years of experience and research.

Browse through the website portfolios to get an idea of different designs, layouts and purposes.

BMD offers NPO’s a 30% discount on website design.

The importance of maintaining an up-to-date Internet presence that represents a non-profit group or organization (NPO) is often overlooked. While there may be a member with the expertise to look after a website or blog one year, that person could well be gone in the following year.  Having a professionally designed and maintained website provides consistency and stability as well as the other benefits that come with opting for a website over WordPress or a blog.

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BMD Website Design Services

I really like doing websites. It can be frustrating, but it is also satisfying to be able to use the skill sets gained over many years. Not only do I get to use artistic abilities to create something unique for each client, but they get the benefit of 30 plus years of business acumen that includes professional writing, marketing and business development (see About for more details).

I work closely with each client to achieve the end goal, which is a website that looks and feels ‘right’ both for the client and their visitors.


BMD’s rate for web design is $96 for each primary page and $48 for each child page or pane.
Non-profits receive a 30% discount.

The cost is per page rather than an hourly rate to give clients a concise budget. The rate, which is under market average (read why in the article “A Philosophy on Economics”), is based on clients supplying web ready graphics, including a logo and photos, plus draft text. Any additional work required will be charged at $30 per hour and undertaken only with the client’s permission.

An information website takes about two hours to produce one page. The allocation of time factors in setup, linking, image sizing, ensuring relevant content and much more. That means that a ‘information only’ website with three primary pages will cost $288, provided no extra work is ordered.

Web Design Package

A custom design

Submission to Google

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A free premier listing for 3 months on Powell River Direct as well as a link to your website on this site.

Agius Roofing  

Shane Agius, a long time contractor in Powell River, ordered a website to expand his customer base.

The three page site provides information with no requirement for updates.

Additional service included creation of a Facebook page.

Business Websites

Luke Raffin

Luke Raffin, an award winning wildlife and landscape artist, wanted a fresh look for his website.

Each portfolio displays Luke’s art in a photo album that uses slider technology for easy browsing.

Art & Personal Websites

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