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Website Design, Maintenance & Hosting

BMD Website Design Services

I really like doing websites. It can be frustrating, but it is also satisfying to be able to use the skill sets gained over many years. Not only do I get to use artistic abilities to create something unique for each client, but they get the benefit of 30 plus years of business acumen that includes professional writing, marketing and business development (see About for more details).

I work closely with each client to achieve the end goal, which is a website that looks and feels ‘right’ both for the client and their visitors.

Design Portfiolio


BMD’s rate for web design is $96 for each primary page and $48 for each child page or panel with a 30% discount offered to non-profits.

The cost is per page rather than an hourly rate to give clients a concise budget. The rate, which is under market average (read why in the article “A Philosophy on Economics”), is based on clients supplying web ready graphics, including a logo and photo’s, plus draft text. Any additional work required will be charged at $30 per hour and undertaken only with the client’s permission.

An information website takes about two hours to produce one page. The allocation of time factors in setup, linking, image sizing, ensuring relevant content and much more. That means that a ‘information only’ website with three primary pages will cost $288, provided no extra work is ordered.

Web Design Package

Website Maintenance

Cost: variable based on $30 per hour

Some websites require little or no maintenance. This usually applies to ‘brochure’ type websites where the information is static and used as an extension to a business card. Other websites are dynamic and require updates on a regular basis. In addition, experience has shown that websites, more often than not, grow and change to meet the demands of a changing market place as well as technology.

The industry standard for maintenance packages is to charge a monthly rate for ‘x’ number of updates for a specified fee. However, given the factors noted above BMD takes a slightly different approach.  Website maintenance fees are charged out based on a three-month average with no minimum charge in most cases.

About Website Hosting


$6.95 per month payable one year in advance
(does not include domain name registration or renewal fee)


250 megabytes of storage ~ Multiple Email Accounts ~ FTP Account~ CGI Bins

Internet Terms To Know

Hosting: an Internet term that describes the means by which websites, blogs and social networks can be seen by the public. Every page on a website is a file with text and/or graphics in a specific format such as html, htm, php or apx. To be seen by the public, or even a closed environment like an office or company, each file must be uploaded (transferred) to what is called servers - an Internet term for storage space. While the amount of storage space available to a customer varies from one hosting company to another, it is usually measured in megabytes.

Domain Name Registration: a website on the Internet requires you to purchase a domain name, for example, Other extensions include .ca, .net and .org. Prices for registration vary, but range around $12 to $16.   

A few other hosting terms and services include:

Bandwidth: The amount of data that can be transferred over the network in a fixed amount of time expressed in bits per second (bps). Adequate bandwidth is particularly important for websites with video’s, movies or even flash photo albums.

FTP Accounts: protocol to transfer files between your computer and the host servers.